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  • How do I decide which type of sign is best for my business?

    There are many factors we take into account while discussing your business goals and the purpose of your signage. What impression are you trying to give to your customers? Most businesses in the South Bay will benefit from high-impact lettering - something that stands out from the front of the building. You can learn more about custom letter signs here. Another popular option in our area is a custom lighted sign. You’ll get the same amount of exposure for your business, day or night.
  • Does the city provide any design limitations?

    The type of sign you are envisioning for your business will only be possible with the city’s permission. Our team is extremely knowledgeable about city regulations and will guide you toward a product that satisfies your vision and the law!
  • How does sign repair pricing work?

    We’ll come to your location to give you an appropriate quote. If we can estimate the cost by looking at the sign, we can give you a quote on the spot. If we have to go into the letters or an electric-powered sign, there may be a small charge for the consultation. From there, we’ll provide you a fair honest quote.
  • What brands of material do you work with?

    We’re always searching for superior brands in terms of the materials we work with. Our most trusted materials are from Avery, 3M, Arlon, and Green Co.
  • Do you only work with small business?

    The scope of our work varies greatly. We’ve worked with large companies like Disney and Papa Johns as well as public works to provide traffic signs. While we serve a great deal of business owners in the South Bay and surrounds, we’re open to any projects no matter the size!