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standing-bannerGetting a message across to consumers is easy when it’s bigger than them! Standing banners, also known as vertical banners, are a smart investment and we’ve got the options you need to get started today.

Popular Applications

Standing banners are most often requested for indoor or outdoor events. They stand tall and stand out. Standing banners should be absolutely unique to your business or event. We’ll take branding into account, ensuring that the correct colors, fonts, and design elements are used throughout the standing banner. The text content on the banner should be short and impactful for easy reading and comprehension. Let your message be seen by foot traffic at a trade show, at the entrance to your business, or give a company representative a great backdrop to network with others at an event.

Our Process

We’ll start by assessing your needs in terms of design, colors, and material. We understand that not every business owner or event planner is a designer, which is why we have foolproof templates for you to choose from. These designs are high quality and are sure to make a great impression for your business. The text and colors on the standing banner can be customized to your liking and we’ll work with you to achieve your goals. Our goal is to make it easy for you to create a standing banner that you feel best represents your business or event. Once a design is created, the printing is a simple process. Your standing sign will be ready soon and we’ll provide the stand!

Ready to create your standing banner? Contact our experts today and we’ll get you started on the perfect design.