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floor graphic (1)Stop your customers in their tracks and call attention to your logo or a unique advertising message with custom floor graphics.

Popular Applications

Floor graphics are commonly requested to carry a message to customers, whether it be a new promotion, product, or upcoming event. You can direct foot traffic to a specific area, call attention to new products, or guide traffic at an event or trade show. Floor graphics are often unexpected. Most signage is above our heads or standing tall in a banner. Everyone looks down at their feet, whether stepping through a doorway or walking to a shelving unit of products. We tend to cast our gaze below eye level several times per minute to get a bearing of our surroundings. Surprise your customers with a stand-out floor graphic that captures their attention the instant they walk in the door.

How Does It Work?

Floor graphics are printed on acrylic adhesive. This adhesive is removable, so it won’t ruin your flooring. We can install floor graphics on any flat surface, from tiled flooring in a retail shop to wood on a gymnasium floor. We’ll work with your unique goals to accomplish a floor graphic that gets your message across. If you have a unique logo or graphic that’s already designed, we can work with that too! It’s important to us that this graphic match your other signage, branding colors, and fonts that all work to increase brand recognition for your business.

Ready to get your message across with a custom floor graphic? Contact our expert team to get started today.