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REFLECTIVE A FRAME REFLECTIVE PLASTICWhen it comes to capturing the attention of a passersby, nothing stands out like a reflective sign.

Reflective Sign Usage

Any message can be placed on a reflective sign. A smart marketer will always opt for reflective vs. non-reflective signage because reflective signs will illuminate in the dark if you are driving by in your car. Reflective signs will also conserve energy because they do not require illumination by electricity. This is a popular option for a property manager or real estate agent who would like to capture more attention for their properties, even at night. We offer reflective signs for any business location who wants more exposure during day and night.

Reflective signs are also commonly used in public works, for road signs, city automobile vinyl, and city limit markers. Safety is the primary concern for reflective signs in public works. Whether you’re trying to accomplish a specific traffic direction or alert neighbors to a crosswalk, we can help you accomplish this.

Your Options

We’ll start by walking through your options together. We’ll first assess your budget and your goals for your sign. Remember, reflective signs are not self luminescent but rather illuminated by artificial light, so choosing the design and colors are particularly important. Contrasting colors are best. During the day, your sign may have a pearlescent glow, but it will be perfectly legible in daylight and not obviously reflective. Reflective films will be applied dry to the sign shape, letters, building, or vehicle of your choosing to form your finished product.

If you’re ready to get started with a reflective sign, reach out to our team of experts today!